Payment Terminal

Integrated credit card and eCheck payment processing

Merchants of all sizes are looking for cost effective solutions for processing their customer's credit cards and checks. Verosa's payment terminal for QuickBooks® allows merchants to process transactions and automatically post back the payments to QuickBooks® safely and securely. Whether you are using QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier, QuickBooks® Enterprise or QuickBooks® Accountant, Verosa's payment terminal integration can reduce processing costs and protect your profitability.

This solutions has enabled a vast number of merchants to cut processing costs while keeping merchant accounts profitable.

Jennifer; Brooklyn, NY

The payment terminal includes the ability to swipe credit cards with most USB card readers, saving time and processing costs. Add a USB card reader to the systems where employees will be accepting credit cards and the software will automatically connect it. Simply click Swipe Card in the software to initiate a swipe transaction and process the transaction at a reduced rate*.
*To receive a reduced rate, the merchant account must be setup to receive these types of transactions.

ACH / EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) / eCheck transactions can also be processed against QuickBooks® invoices, statement charges and sales receipts. With an ACH/EFT processing account, merchants can take ACH/EFT/eCheck transactions as easy as a credit card and post payments back to QuickBooks®.

Verosa's software payment terminal is your credit card and ACH/echeck solution that integrates to your merchants QuickBooks® software and their merchants. Finally there is the freedom to choose the best solutions for reducing processing costs and accounting times while protecting margins and profitability.