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Verosa, LLC. is an integrated software provider that aims to deliver merchant and business facing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and cost effective. Our experts can help you identify ways to save time and money by eliminating outdated procedures.

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Working in the finance and accounting industry for over twenty years, merchants often shared their pain points of using QuickBooks with us. They struggled to work with features that weren’t giving them the functionality that would in fact benefit their business. The software works, but it can be time consuming. We wanted to do something more for our customers, looking at the process from their point of view, we agreed there should be an easier way.

It was especially important to us to develop a product with functionality that could help our customers and didn’t require hours of extra training to use. Too many products are developed with a more is better mindset instead of what would be most helpful. We get it, being slightly geeky ourselves, it’s easy to get lost in the “look what we can do.” Instead, we decided to work directly with our customers and listen to what they needed most to improve their daily work. A solution with the features and functionality that have the most benefit to the them and that is easy to use.

This is how we continue to develop our products and relationships with our customers today. Whether we are adding features, developing new products, or providing technical support, it is important for us to listen and understand your needs so we can continue to help optimize and grow your business.